Past Life Regression Testimonials                        

"My experience with Jeroen has been simply astounding.  I did not know what to expect when I signed up for my past-life regression, but it turned out to be incredibly powerful.  I am still trying to digest the numerous insights I have gained as a result of my session.  I can now see very clearly the patterns in my life that have been repeating for a long time.  I highly, highly recommend Jeroen...he is a gifted medium and healer."
~ KC Hildreth, business coach, Los Angeles

"Since my healing session with Jeroen I have newfound CLARITY on why I am who I am. What the next steps I can choose to take regarding my spiritual development, support for myself and family. It's as if my body and Essence is speaking clearly to me. It's always spoken to me but it's different now. These things I'm sharing with you aren't even close to the number of Awakenings I've had! I am forever grateful."
~ R. Wright, Los Angeles

"My regression session by Jeroen was very helpful. I saw my potential that often I neglected or ignored because of the lack of belief in myself.  The session provided access to see the who I am, my capacity and took away doubts for myself."
~ Andre Yew, Dubai

"It was a fantastic experience! An amazing journey!"
~ Marion, Meetup member, Los Angeles

Source Energy Healing Testimonials

"He did Reiki to me. I'm feeling pretty mo betta"
~ Georgia Williams, 4yrs, Pasadena

Meditation Testimonials

"I first tried Jeroen's meditation class purely out of curiosity, not really expecting anything remarkable. Surprisingly, in that first session alone, a long-standing pulmonary condition I'd had was corrected with the technique he teaches. It was as if I had been given a brand new set of lungs. I've been attending regularly ever since then (over a year now), and each and every session still brings some sort of healing, whether physical, or on other levels. Jeroen conveys a confident grasp of the technique he teaches, and he guides the class with clarity and a very gentle, constructive, non-judgmental style. I also use the technique successfully on my own, outside of the class, for healing and general support, but it would take a lot for me to miss those weekly classes with him."
~ Barbara, actress, Los Angeles

"..mostly I want to thank Jeroen for the past year or of healing and discovery that I believe helped to bring us little [baby's name]"
~ Erika Flores, new mom, Los Angeles

“This was a great meditation meetup. Jeroen was a very friendly and knowledgeable host. The session was conducted by Jeroen in two parts and each of them has its own unique merit. I would like to recommend this meetup to anyone who is interested in meditation. Plus this meetup was religious dogma free so the atmosphere would be welcoming to anyone from various spiritual backgrounds.”
~ Gene, Meetup member, Los Angeles

"Your work is really so deep and lasting! This was my second time and I have been experiencing such great awareness and centeredness from your guidance and cues in the meditation- thank you again! I cannot wait for the next experience!"
~ Mia Haber, Kundalini Yoga teacher, New York

“ Jeroen has an amazing gift! I encourage everyone to give it a try (especially if you have previous meditation experience)."
~ Celeste, Meetup member, La Crescenta

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