Tibetan Dragon Meditation
Tibetan Dragon Meditation      
This meditation of ancient Tibetan origin teaches mastery over your own energy, playful use of it, and it dramatically changes the way you perceive your reality.
Your own body and its many non-physical bodies are explored as a tool for spiritual growth, healing self and others, a gateway to etheric travel and a way to remain balanced and centered while your awareness of being in communion with other layers of existence increases.

Tibetan Dragon Meditation teaches:
- Easy release of emotions
- Tools for grounding and protection of your energetic bodies
- Increased psychic awareness
- Increased awareness of your energetic bodies and their practical use
- Connecting to your Soul, its healing power and messages for you
- Astral plane traveling
- Connecting to your animal spirit guides
- Connecting to your Spirit guides, Angels and other Light beings
- Release of old patterns and conditions
- Healing yourself and others

Private Meditation instruction                                   1hr $175

A corporate meditation training and a 2-day workshop format of the Tibetan Dragon Meditation are available.

Please contact Jeroen for detailed information.

Jeroen regularly teaches the meditation technique at events. Check back at this page to find the latest updates, or sign up for the Source Alignment Meditation Meetup.

Please contact Jeroen if you are interested in bringing him to teach in your community.
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